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I don’t know how familiar you are with the world of adult gaming, but back in the days, the graphics and the gameplay weren’t so great. Back then, all the games were coming in Flash. In fact, people started calling them Flash porn games or a variation of the term. Those were the first generation of browser sex games and as in any other domain, the first generation was pretty rudimental. They were fun, but there were lots of limits. First of all, there wasn’t such a thing as mobile gaming. In the last years of flash some games could be played on Android, but everything sucked about it.

I’ve told you all this because I wanted to help you put this collection in perspective. A year ago, the internet has switched from Flash to HTML5. This switch brought with her lots of changes in the world of adult gaming. HTML5 is a much better technology for web apps, and it offers cross platform availability with no extensions needed. Not only that these games work on any device, including Android and iOS ones, everything about it is better. It’s better for the developers, because the game creation process is easier, and it’s better for the players, because they get a realistic experience right in their browser. Well, on this site you will get to experience this new generation of adult games. Start browsing Free HTML5 Porn Games and you won’t leave our site with cum in your balls.

The Free HTML Porn Games Collection

I know that we don’t have a flashy site, but we wanted to be as clear as possible about the type of content you can find here. And we have something else to be flashy besides name. The cool sounding names are for click bait purposes in the big majority of the time. We’re exactly the opposite of that. We have a straightforward name that gives you all the info you need about our site, and we have the ultimate free xxx games collections that the internet has to offer right now. We know that because most of the games on other sites after you buy a membership. And they usually lure you with a paywall after letting you play some demo action first. We’re exactly different. We have so many games you can play on our site. No matter what your kink or desire is, this massive library of games surely has something that will make you cum. We made sure of that by adding games for all the main categories that you can find in the browser menu of sites like PornHub or xVideos. We went further than that. We actually offer games for all sexualities. You can play queer games of all kinds here, for your gay fantasies, lesbian dreams, trans sex experiences and even some lesbian games that were especially developed to appeal to lesbians.

Besides variety of kinks and sexualities that you can please here, we also come with different gameplay types which will change the angle from which you’re satisfied. You can play games just for the sex, in the simulators section of the site. You can play for gameplay action in the RPG category. We have dating and relationship simulators on the site which are coming with lots of sex encounters and drama. And we even have card battle games or puzzle games where you will enjoy both a mental challenge and some arousal in the form of erotic rewards based on your progress and score.

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The adult gaming world has dropped a bit in popularity when everyone moved their porn habits of tablets and smartphones, but the old school games couldn’t follow them there. So, there’s a new generation of 18- to 23-year-olds who don’t even know what they can play porn games on site like ours in which porn becomes so interactive that your dick will start thinking you’re having sex. But these are also games for the most die-hard adult gamers on the web. We’re ready to have our games tested in any way and be asked any kind of question. Come soon!

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